Landscape Roses

Knock Out 'AARS' 2000 (RADrazz)
Cherry Red 3-3 1/2" flowers that almost glow at dusk highlighted by mossy green foliage, bright orange hips in late fall. New growth has striking maroon tinge. Non-stop blooms from May through October, self cleaning, no deadheading necessary, disease resistant and carefree. Wisconsin bred and Winter hardy. 3x3 ' shrub. The nicest of the nice. Own root stock. A Bill Radler introduction.
Carefree Sunshine PPAF
Bill Radler's new introduction for 2001. A disease resistant ever-blooming yellow rose. Non-fading blooms survive the hottest summers, best yellow shrub rose introduced. Size 3'x4'. Own root stock for extra winter hardiness, available in one gallon pots.
William Baffin (Kordesii)
Double deep pink 2 1/2" flowers with up to 30 blooms in each cluster. From the Canadian Explorer series and can be used as a Winter hardy climber, 7'-9'.
Nearly Wild (Rosa hybrid)
Large single form pink flowers bloom recurrently through out the season on a 2' to 3' shrub.
Bonica (Meidomonac) AARS '87
Clusters of pink apple scented blooms all season on spreading arching canes, 3-5' tall.
Carefree Delight (Meipotal) AARS '96
Large quantities of gentle pink flowers on a 2-3' tall shrub. A real nice rose.
Ramblin' Red
Medium red climer with 3-4" double flowers borne throughout the season. Better disease resistance and hardiness than its parents, Henry Kelsey and Razzle.
The Fairy (Polyantha)
Clusters of 1 1/2" double light pink flowers cover a spreading 2' tall plant, dark fern-like foliage.Use for low borders and ground cover.
Belle Poitevine
Hybrid Rugosa with medium pink 3" blooms recurrent throughout the season. Rich green heavy veined foliage that turns yellow to orange in fall accented by red fruits. 4-5' tall this is known as one of the nicest shrub roses, and rugosa roses are deer proof as an added benefit.
Red Ribbons
One of the nicest ground cover roses I've seen. Blooms profusely throuhout the season reaching late summer and fall when covered with flowers. Extreemly disease free and hardy, deep red blooms.

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